Montagne du Jura

Cheese, Hard cheese

ab CHF 5.00


Josef Spielhofer came up with the idea for the “Montagne du Jura” shortly after arriving in Cormoret: it could be regarded as the response from this Central Swiss citizen to the unique charm of the people in the Vallon de Saint-Imier, high up in the Bernese Jura mountains.


The soft Jura hills, the bright green pastures, the broad and welcoming valley, the laughing, gurgling Suze – Joseph Spielhofer from Lucerne fell in love with the region on the spot. Its residents and their cordial charm also made him feel at home straight away. He thus decided to manufacture a cheese to express this feeling.


The first mountain cheese produced in Cormoret is unique primarily because of its six to eight-month careful and patient maturation process in our cellars. The rest is a family secret.

The cheese

A classic hard cheese with aromatic spiciness and a strong flavour, it captivates every cheese lover. Montagne du Jura is a purely natural product, a true mountain cheese which is just as good on its own as on a cheese board. It is also well suited to a creamy fondue.