Mont Soleil

Cheese, Semi-hard cheese

ab CHF 5.00


Mont Soleil is the name of a distinctive hilltop right above our town of Saint-Imier. It is not only sunny there, but also very windy – with happy cows.


For years, there has been a solar energy plant and a large wind park on Saint-Imier’s local mountain. But the cows who spend a happy life there couldn’t care less. They eat juicy herbs and delicious flowers in summer and tasty hay in winter. The farmers who work here understand their craft and take care of nature.


Our house speciality benefits from the raw mountain milk of natural plants sourced from our immediate surroundings. After being pressed in 36cm Ø moulds, each cheese is lovingly looked after by hand for 14 days, then left to mature for four months in our cellars, regularly washed and kept at constant temperature and humidity levels.

The cheese

Mont Soleil is a semi-soft cheese. Its rind is a light reddish brown. The paste has sparsely dotted holes of up to 6 mm Ø. The pure, aromatic, fruity-flowery and sometimes almost sweet flavour of Mont Soleil is a clear reminder of its sunny origins.